Teaching philosophy
“I encourage a mindset of ‘playful curiosity’ when learning to surf, swim in the ocean and freedive. At no point should you feel overwhelmed or out of your comfort zone. If I do my job right as a teacher and coach then what happens is that we grow your comfort zone from the inside out by developing your ocean based skills layer by layer.” John McCarthy, founder of OCEAN CHILD School of the Sea.

There are 3 elements that make up the school. Modules, Coaching and Therapy.

These have been designed to work as building blocks with carefully structured content to empower any ocean user of any level. The approach is holistic developing the complimentary skills of surfing, freediving and open water swimming.
There are seven modules which lead into each other guiding the participant on their journey towards discovering their own inner OCEAN CHILD.

This is done ad hock outside of the structured modules and is designed to complement the course content of each module. We work in small groups or one on one and use video analysis. We’re all good at some things and better at others. Our coaching is designed to make you the best possible water version of you. R500p/h unless otherwise quoted.

We all know that sunlight, exercise, fresh air and sea water are good for the soul. OCEAN HEALING is one of the most powerful natural ways to regain your mojo. We provide a discreet and safe platform for you to reconnect with yourself, connect with nature and heal yourself in the process. R500p/h unless otherwise quoted.

Module One - 3 hrs. R750.
OCEAN CHILD Water Safety Guide and Test. 90% pass.
Introduction of GAR Mindset at the beach.
Broaden the definition of what surfing is.
An introduction to the hydrodynamics of a surf zone and how these are affected by tides, wind, swell direction and size.
Deep water resuscitation dry.
Deep water resuscitation in the surf.
500m surf swim, no time limit, but must enter and exit through the surf.
20 waves ridden, 5 of which must be bodysurfed without fins to simulate a leash break self rescue.

Module Two - 7 hrs. R1500.
Efficiency underwater swim 25m.
2m depth surf rescue and tow.
1km surf swim, no time limit.
Turtle roll.
Duck dive
Surf etiquette
20 waves.
5m depth freedive.
1:30 min static breath hold.

Module Three - 7 hrs. R1500.
How to be a breathing rockstar. An introduction to understanding the psychology and physiology of breath, including linking movement to breath and how breath can influence your health.

Understanding swell genesis and the effects of swell period, refraction and shoaling.
Learning how to use swell forecasting sites.

Basic understanding of fauna, flora and birds of the intertidal zone 90% pass.
Including turtle hatching patterns and vulnerability, understanding dolphin behaviour for swimming interactions and learning the dos and don’ts of swimming with various species of sharks.

Treatment of Blue Bottle and Jellyfish stings.
Treatment of sea sickness.

10m depth freedive, with a 20 second hang at 10m.
10m mask removal and surface.
10m one fin removal and surface.

2:00 static.

Simulated two wave hold down.

1.5km surf swim, no time limit.

20 open face waves surf craft of choice.
Surf hustle strategy for dealing with crowds at busier breaks.

Module Four - 8 hrs. R1500.
Two week swell, and weather forecasting.
Shore and boat launch safety protocols and protocols for freediving/wilderness surf exploration.

10m rescue, with 50m tow.

15m freedive with 20 second hang.

30 waves, 3 different types of surf craft.
2km surf swim, no time limit.
2:30 static.

Module Five - 4 hrs. R1250.
Coastal foraging course including spearfishing, crayfishing and the collection of muscles and oysters.

Module Six - 8 to 10 hrs. R1500.
Seasonal weather understanding presentation, including both macro and micro patterns. 100%
Advanced freedive Aliwal shoal/Sodwana, 10-15m interaction with marine wildlife, sharks and dolphins on camera.
15m rescue 50m tow.
10m FRC dive.
10m no fins dive.
30 waves surf craft of choice including bodysurfing.
3:00 min static.
Engagement with local community and beach clean up 100kgs ocean plastic.

Module Seven - Two days one night. R2000.
Bio diversity presentation. 100%.
Oceanography presentation 100%.
Surf rescue presentation 100%.
Dive rescue presentation 100%.
4 x 20m plus dives with one 20m dive with a 20 sec hang. One of these is a 20m rescue with a 50m tow.
1 x shark dive on camera Go Pro (Zambezi, Black Tip or Raggie).
1x 10m RV dive.
3:30m static.
2 x two wave hold down, no mask, no fins.
40 waves any surf craft.
1 x supervised cave dive swim through, at less than 15m depth.
Boat launch safety briefing.
First aid trauma boat/surf injury/dive injury.
BTT and CPR.

Module Eight - Two days, three nights (Sodwana and surrounds). R3500.
24 hour forage and survival.
100km travel intertidal zone. Kozi Bay to Sodwana. Surfski, Kite, SUP or fat bike.
30m freedive.
4min static.
Advanced shark dive, Bull Sharks.
Advanced dolphin interaction.
3 wave hold down.
50 waves, 5 different surf craft.

For enquiries contact John on 0828863424 or john@oceanchild.co.za