OCEAN CHILD 2019 Adventure Schedule

"My focus is on mindful immersion in wilderness areas that are generally not well frequented by other humans. These adventures allow growth, fun, relaxation and an opportunity to discover the best possible version of yourself."

All trips are Ex DBN except The Swim Free Confidence Underwater One which I will be touring again this year.

Southern Mozambique Surf Yoga Freedive.

Ex DBN. This is prime surf season, where you can enjoy warm, clean water, long un-crowded waves and supplement with awesome free diving and restorative yoga daily. R 9500pp.
Includes Transport to and 5 nights accommodation in Mozambique, surf coaching, free dive and yoga instruction.
Excludes food, drink, boat launch and visas.

15-20 February
2-7 March
17-22 March
1-6 April

Cost R9500pp.

For bookings or more information email john@oceanchild.co.za

Aliwal Shoal Surf Yoga Freedive Retreat.

Great uncrowded warm water waves at a magical time of year. Awesome diving both off the shore and out on the shoal. Daily yoga.
Includes collection and drop off at DBN airport, 5 nights accommodation, surf, yoga and free dive instruction.
Excludes food, drink and boat launch.

Cost R8500pp

14-19 May
30 May - 4 June
13-18 June

For bookings or more information email john@oceanchild.co.za

The Clean Air Drakensberg Hike and Yoga Adventure.

3 Nights, 4 days in the Southern Drakensberg. We do 3 distinct and very varied hikes with restorative daily yoga. ‘The Swimmer’ 13.3km follows the contour path from Cobham to the Sani Pass Road. This is the first day of the Giants Cup trail, but we do it in reverse. This gets us to the magnificent iNgenwa Pools two thirds of the way into the hike. We stop there to swim and play in the pools before completing the hike, which exits at the Sani Pass Road.

‘The Killer’ starts at The South African Border Post at 1544m and climbs 1332 vertical meters up Sani Pass to an altitude of 2876 m by the time you reach the Lesotho Border post 7km later. It is breathtaking in both senses of the word.

‘The Thriller’ 12km is the blue-sky high altitude hike from the back of Sani Pass, through Lesotho to first the Southern, then the Northern Peak of Giants Cup. Known as Hodgson’s peaks they stand at 3244m and 3256m respectively. Our route takes us to summit both peaks and walk along the rim of the escarpment in the cup. You honestly feel like you are standing on top of the world. On the southern peak there is a flat area where if the weather and time allow we sometimes do yoga. It must surely be one of the most scenic high altitude ‘yoga studios’ in the world.

It is also possible to do all of these routes as trail runs or mix it up.

I offer a VIP version at R7000pp and a standard version at R3500pp each. It includes all food and drink. Max 4 pax per trip.

Trips done ad hock - please email john@oceanchild.co.za to book dates that work for you.

The Sodwana Bay Zen Freedive Surf and Yoga Experience.

Ex DBN 2 nights, 3 days.
Includes accommodation, transport to and from Sodwana and boat fees. Excludes Food, drink and park admission fees.
The main focus of this adventure is to learn to explore the beauty of the Big Blue on a single breath.
We supplement our trip with surfing in the Bay (beginners) and at The Lighthouse (more advanced) and we do daily restorative yoga.
You explore the 50 km reef complex, which boasts around 95 species of hard and soft coral, sponges, other invertebrates and around 1200 fish species.
You have the opportunity to interact with marine animals in their natural habitat and feed your soul in the process.
You need to have done The Swim Free Confidence Underwater Course, or a Level One Freedive Course to take part.

R2500pp, 8 pax max .

Trips done ad hock - please email john@oceanchild.co.za to book dates that work for you.

The Soul Food Transkei Wilderness Adventure.

For 6 nights and 7 days we take off our shoes and lose ourselves in the pristine natural beauty of The Wild Coast. We surf an amazing variety of un-crowded waves. We hike along rugged cliffs and across beautiful Bays. We do sunrise yoga and we eat fresh food from the sea. Set in peak surf season this trip is pure food for the soul and so much more than just a surf trip. 4 pax R10 000pp, includes transport, food, accommodation, non alcoholic drinks, yoga instruction, guided hikes and surf guiding to the right spots at the right times.

17-22 April
30 April - 5 May
29 June - 4 July

For bookings or more information email john@oceanchild.co.za

The Full Moon Namibian Surf and Desert Adventure.

The trip starts out at eleven thousand feet with a skydive. You watch the moon rising over the desert, while the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean. You feel the rush of the free fall in your face while taking in the spectacular beauty of the desert and the coast at 11 000 feet. The following day, after an early surf, we load the 4X4 and head out into the bush to look for the Desert Elephants. We spend that night under the stars camped in the desert. Here, deep in the bush you have the opportunity to allow the full beauty of the cosmos to seep into your soul. The next day we retrace our steps back to the coast and wash off the drive with a surf, before heading back to our base in Swakopmund. At first light the next morning we board our specially chartered private helicopter and set off south to explore the surfing treasures of the ancient Namib. This is true wilderness exploration that takes us right through the restricted areas and diamond reserves of the Spierregebeit (forbidden zone). We rest up that night in Swakopmund to regain our strength for the following day’s adventure, which is of course to explore the secrets that lie to the north along the wilds of the Skeleton Coast. Using the helicopter to scout and access spots, we ensure the only people you are surfing with are your buddies on the trip. You get to take in the stunning vistas of the coast and desert as we fly from spot to spot in the second least densely populated country in the world. Namibia has perhaps the most unmapped, undiscovered and unexplored surf potential of any other country in the world. This trip operates on a ‘Swell Chaser’ Basis, which means we only go if and when there is a reasonable swell forecast. This ensures you are guaranteed to get amazing, un-crowded surf, but truthfully this is so much more than just a surf trip. This is a full on desert adventure, timed to coincide with the ocean coming to the party. The waiting period for the trip is 12 August – 30 September. The trip is 5 nights 6 days and is ex Swakopmund in Namibia. 4 pax. R30 000pp.

For bookings or more information email john@oceanchild.co.za