Introduction to Freedive Exploration

Freediving is as much an adventure into the marine wilderness as it is a journey into oneself.

Initially we embarked on some of the freedive training exercises to increase our comfort in the bigger waves and relentless surf conditions associated with our cyclone season swells.

Not only did this vastly improve our confidence and performance in these types of surf conditions but, because of the increased breath hold capacity we developed, we were also able to explore the underwater gems of the locations we were surfing in. We were able to dive deeper, stay down longer and most of all, do it more safely.

Our focus was not on the competitive aspects of Apnea (Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, Constant Weight Apnea), but rather on increasing breath hold for big waves and underwater exploration without the need of SCUBA. This increased capacity underwater (without the cumbersome and expensive gear required when using SCUBA) has resulted in the opening up of a whole new world of interaction with Ocean Wildlife.

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