The Swim Free Confidence Underwater Course.

So what goes into the Swim Free Confidence Underwater Workshop?

I developed this course purely because I wanted to be comfortable surfing bigger waves and know that I could handle the hold downs.

The increased capacity did lead to me becoming interested in free diving, which I now also love, but the two activities are very different when it comes to managing your breath hold.

In free diving your breath is rarely adrenalised or hypoxic and depth is usually a primary objective.

In surfing you are both hypoxic and adrenalised and depth is is not so much an objective as is surviving the beating.

Lets face it in surfing you are only holding your breath when something has gone wrong ;)

It doesn’t matter if your comfort zone is 2ft or 20ft this course will help you relax in the surf because it will make you more confident in what you are able to handle.

In this course I teach people to approach and manage their breath hold so that they can vastly increase their capacity in and under the water.

You DO NOT have to be a big wave surfer or extreme athlete to benefit from this. The average increase in just 5 hrs is around 100%.

Below is a link that explains what I do with this course:

The course has four fundamental pillars and takes approximately 5 hours to run.

The cost is R750pp.

It covers.

  1. Discovering your mammalian dive reflex and learning how to use it.
  2. Conscious breathing. Breath up, the breath and recovery breath. Remember a lot of this in surfing is hypoxic and adrenalised, which is very different to free diving.
  3. Efficiency underwater. We speak a different language down there and the smallest things underwater can make a massive difference. Slow is Pro! When transitioning from above to below the surface we have to learn to press the ‘reset’ button. I run several drills that deal specifically with wipeout and caught inside scenarios as well as how to behave underwater when this happens.
  4. Safety. We always do waterwork with a buddy, be conservative, understand contractions and C02, never hyperventilate, understand the difference between blackout (your mammalian dive reflex preventing you from drowning) and drowning by breathing in water. Understand and share deepwater resuscitation , it could save your life!

Advanced Course

Because this field is so dynamic and we’re constantly learning more about how our bodies are capable of operating underwater, this year I’m including an advanced training session for students who have already completed the first course.

This is effectively a ‘training session’ based on what we’ve developed with the elite squad I’ve been working with in Durban.

It will include:
  1. Macro and micro problem solving tasks
  2. Weight training
  3. Blindfold (disorientation) work
  4. Fin technique
  5. Cross training
  6. Adrenalized hypoxic breath hold.
This takes 2 hrs to run and costs R300pp.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what this whole thing is all about and ideally piques your interest to come and share in what we’ve learned.

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Schedule for 2018.

2018 Schedule
Please select the time and venue that best suits you. 
Note the Swim Free Confidence Underwater Workshop will tour SA October 2018- December 2018. 

27 October DBN
28 October DBN

3 November South Coast
4 November South Coast

10 November Durban
11 November Durban

17 November North Coast
18 November North Coast

24 November JHB
25 November JHB

1 December CT
2 December CT

5 December Plettenberg Bay
6 December Plettenberg Bay

8 December Cape Town
9 December Cape Town

Times (unless otherwise advertised). 

Swim Free Confidence Underwater 8am - 1pm
Refresher 1-2pm
Advanced Training 2-3:30pm