1. Executive Surf Consulting for Namibia, South Africa & Mozambique.
    This is a remote consulting process designed for you to be able to self -guide your adventure, but with the insight and support of local knowledge. You pay a once off consulting fee upfront of USD$500. For that you can be in constant contact with a guide via email and or mobile phone prior to the commencement of your travels as well as for the duration of your adventure. We will assist you with where to find the best waves and when you should be there. We’ll dial you into cool accommodation options and travel alternatives as well as local gems and other adventure activities in those areas. With this service you won’t be wandering around like a clueless tourist or wasting time and money in the wrong locations when the surf is cooking elsewhere. You’ll know where to go to get good surf, good food and get your board fixed in a hurry. We’ll connect you with local yoga studios and teachers wherever you are. If something goes wrong you’ll also have access to our support network, should you need it, to help you get your adventure back on track ASAP.
  2. Guided Customised Swell Chasing Mission.
    We operate across Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique. The objective of this package is to ensure maximum flexibility so that at any given point during your adventure you are in the best surf with the least crowds across these three countries. The way this works is you give us your wish list and we work out and manage the logistics of your day-to-day itinerary. You pay an upfront USD$ 500 consulting fee. You pay a daily guide rate as well as your guide’s accommodation and transport expenses, an administrative fee to handle accommodation and transport bookings and reservations and where necessary local fixer fees. Daily Guide Rate is USD$250/day. Admin fee is 10% of transport and accommodation bookings done on your behalf. Local fixer fees vary from USD $ 50-250. Maximum 4 pax.
  3. Pre-planned, guided, customized surf trips.
    These are often easier to manage for family groups, where the emphasis is on a balanced experience for the whole family. As with all our trips our objective is to get you into the best surf, with the least crowds in the most beautiful places. You pay an upfront consulting fee, a daily guide rate, guide expense costs and an administrative fee. The upfront consulting fee is USD$500, Daily Guide Rate is USD$150/day, administration fee is 10% of costs. Max 8 pax.
  4. Daily Surf Guiding.
    This includes transport to and from the surf spots and operates up to 100km outside of DBN, J-Bay, Cape Town, Swakopmund and Ponta Do Ouro. USD$150pd.
  5. Gear Rental and or procurement.
    Because of the favorable exchange rate many visitors to this region jump at the opportunity to purchase new equipment here. We can handle this for you and have your equipment ready and waiting for you when you arrive. We charge a 10% administration and collections fee.
  6. Pro Surf Coaching.
    No matter what level of surfing you are at our team of coaches will help improve your performance. This is a daily tuition offering that consists of two surf and video playback sessions. Max 2 pax to ensure personalized attention. Cost USD$250pd. This includes transport to and from the beach.
  7. Photographic Services.
    We can supply professional photographic services to document your adventure for you. This is so you can be in the moment, living and enjoying your trip, rather than worrying about documenting it. Costs range from USD$ 150-500pd.

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